bingo halls in skegness

Many people, in fact, felt paradoxically that they had more freedom at Butlin's because everything was paid for and they could take it or leave it as they pleased.
I spoke to a couple who were regular visitors to Butlin's in the 'sixties.
The photo also shows the original Burton's menswear premises next door to the Theatre - Courtesy Rob Cordon.
Right - A Programme for 'Charley's Aunt' at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield for the week beginning Monday the 14th of November 1921.The entrance-hall, when it ceased to be used as a bar for the sale of beer, was converted into a picture gallery, and was lighted by several very handsome glass chandeliers of the same description as the much larger one that was suspended from the.Breakfast was always porridge or bacon and eggs.The first floor consists of grand circle and upper circle, and above is the spacious gallery, part of which is divided off into amphitheatre stalls.There was a place of entertainment on Westbar, Sheffield in 1849 called the Royal Casino, whose proprietor was Thomas Youdan.On the ground floor, level with the street, are the stalls and pit.Note: T he Last Musical Director at the Sheffield Empire was Maurice Newton ( Not Dixon) He was loved by visiting artistes and was always willing to rewrite their band parts which were often almost unplayable.
Music Hall, Barker's Pool, Sheffield The Builder of December 1873 reported on a new Music Hall for Sheffield, situated in Barker's Pool, and designed by Flockton Abbott, saying:- 'The opening of this new Music-hall is to take place on the 15th instant.

They are contained in a block of buildings at the rear of the stage, being divided from the same by brick walls, and the only openings are fitted with iron doors.The Casino was not actually a casino but a Music Hall putting on a variety of acts nightly, except Sundays.The monorail was considered a very modern form of transport in the 'sixties.Following a fire in 1971 it was refurbished as a traditional style Theatre.The Library Theatre, Tudor Place, Sheffield Above - The Library Theatre, Sheffield in August 2011 - Courtesy Allan Hailstone.It opened on the 13th of October the same year.
At each side are three prettily decorated private boxes, and an exquisitely designed railing separates the orchestra from the stalls.