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"The earliest storytelling sequences we possess, now of course, committed to writing, were undoubtedly originally a speaking from mouth to ear and their force as entertainment derived from the very same elements we today enjoy in films and novels." 16 Storytelling is an activity that.
Pilgrimage and Power: The Kumbh Mela in Allahabad.Van Zile, Judy (2001).151 The industry became so sophisticated that its economics became a separate area of academic study.It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention.Singing is generally accompanied by instruments although some forms, notably a cappella and overtone singing, are unaccompanied.However, they have drastically declined.Some contests poker game anime between animals, once popular entertainment for the public, have become illegal because of the cruelty involved.However, pilgrimages, such as the Christian pilgrimage of the Way.Other games, such as bingo, played with numerous strangers, have been organised to involve the participation of non-players via gambling.Readers entertained by comic books (1971) Comics and cartoons are literary genres that use drawings or graphics, usually in combination with text, to convey an entertaining narrative.This is in contrast to education (which is designed with the purpose of developing understanding or helping people to learn) and marketing (which aims to encourage people to purchase commercial products).

European Culture in the Great War: The Arts, Entertainment and Propaganda.(1977 Medieval Sport: Quest for Survival, Distributed by eric Clearinghouse Microfiche Potter, David Stone; Mattingly, David.Retrieved wyer, Tim (2010).140 Aside from sports that have world-wide appeal and competitions, such as the Olympic Games, the entertainment value of a sport depends on the culture and country where people play.Performance takes a wide range of forms, including theatre, music and drama.Collections of stories, such as Grimms' Fairy Tales or those by Hans Christian Andersen, have been similarly influential.Some people watching the parade or procession may have made a special effort to attend, while others become part of the audience by happenstance.
Acrobats turning handsprings over wild lions and vaulting over wild leopards." There were "violent confrontations with wild beasts" and "performances over time became more brutal and bloodier".

Famous wizards such as Merlin in the Arthurian legends have been written about since the 5th and 6th centuries, while in the 21st century, the young wizard Harry Potter became a global entertainment phenomenon when the book series about him sold about 450 million copies.
"Changing Images and Shifting Identities: Female Performers in Egypt" in Dils Albright (2001).
What is entertainment for one group or individual may be regarded as work by another.