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Shikamaru: (thinking) She doesn't mess around, huh?
Kushina and Sasuke's mother, Mikoto, are shown speaking together, Mikoto carrying the infant Sasuke.
That you had such an obnoxious self-diagnosed neurosis." Madara: "I can't tell if you're a tricks to play blackjack money at home nice guy or a nasty guy!" Hashirama: (laughs) "One thing talisman board game card holder is for sure!During Itachi and Sasuke's fight, when Orochimaru sort of emerges from the mouth of a giant snake and spits a sword out, Zetsu regards everything with complete disgust: White Zetsu: " Always with the barfing stuff and coming out of snake mouths.he grosses me out.".It hasn't even been released yet.The thing." Naruto: "The thing is what?" (thinking) That's strange.You can copy my dad!Guy starts grunting again, louder and more intense this time and the camera angle switches to a wide-view shot of the forest around the four.Shippuden 68: The ghosts of the Third Hokage and Hayate visit Naruto, traumatising him." Naruto: (sheepish laugh) Kakashi: "Naruto arrived here just in the nick of time to save Sakura.I don't know what it means in litteral terms, but" (Sasuke offers an explanation) Madara senses Hashirama is coming to the battlefield and completely loses his shit.Deidara : " YOU'RE dead!

And not some hefty branch, but a little twig-stick with a couple of leaves.The Raikage is a wrestler trapped in a ninja's body.Cue Hinata going beet-red from the fact that her crush's face is, like, four inches from hers (upside-down, but still.).Shippuden 20: Naruto takes Chiyo to the dango shop in Konoha and states that even the Akatsuki visits this shop.I wasn't the one who fell for a shadow clone." Hidan : "Oh yeah.You damned lunatic!" Madara casually flying by Kakashi and grabbing his eye out may bring Dark Humor to some, especially when reminded of a certain egotistical Saiyan Prince with a habit of saying "Mine!" Madara somehow floating in air without the lower-half of his body.Don't you dare go around saying I'm just some cute puppy." Sakura: (thinking) But.Plus, he's the nicest of the four reanimated former Kage.