interest earned on lotto winnings

Why and how is it legal for the government to recieve any of these winnings if someone has truelly won fairly.
IN fact in some cases if the state did setup some of these trusts, they would be breaking most state laws and many federal laws.
Balance.5 mil will be invested in.
Quick question, though: what type of lawyer, specifically, would you want to retain if you won the lottery and wanted to set up a trust?Not only do they have old their extended families and old friends and accquantences coming at them but also all those pesky charities.Don't get mad- get even!So no keeping your job is not an option.I have a husband who pays child support to an ex wife.# 138 New York Guy 09:12 PM link edit Blind trust is the way to go!It's really no one's business but the winner.
Part of that involves creating bank accounts in the trust's name (whatever you decide to call it).
I would take the annuity, live in a nice condo, well below my means with security.

How much time do I have to purchase your system?And then it suddenly happened My first big breakthrough came when I was holding a 13,696 Florida Fantasy 5 Grand Prize Winner right in my hand.I'm really serious.His ex could petition the court for a portion of those winnings to benefit the kids, as their custodial parent.The reason for this is that a lot of poor people are poor due to their own actions.It seems to me you'd have to be pretty naive to be reassured simply by a list of names.That's why after 20 years, I can confidently say I know how to reduce most of the odds that cause people to lose.
His family required armed bodyguards 24/7 to protect them from kidnapping (I wonder how many people think about that!).
But as the child of divorced parents I don't have a lot of patience for angry second spouses who complain about child support and custody matters involving their spouse's kids.