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It was probably the first time he had been upstaged.
He was a true gentleman, nevertheless, even if he and Ray Stuart (Yeo as I was as barmen in free casino slot online games yahoo the POs Mess, did wipe me out on my birthday.
He was an RS on the Melbourne in 1969 when the collision occurred with Evans. .
He paid off in Harman I think and then went to Parliament House as an Usher.I served on Quickmatch with him when he was a Kellick and Kevin Taylor was the. .I dont know if he sobered up before he boarded.We weren't very popular for a while after that.The afternoon watch would for 2 days prior (in their own time) have to muster, draw webbing, 303's and bayonets and do parade drills and on the Friday forenoon, be inspected at the Captain's Divisions.Someone would drop all the leave cards at the QM's lobby (all the QM's knew what was happening and I am pretty sure the MAA and the LPM also knew and all those wishing to get out of Divisions would make your way over.I also served with him in Coonawarra, Harman, and Cerberus.His RAN ROS card shows that he signed on progressively until one day short of his 50th birthday in years full time service. .Some of my fondest memories of Don was his larrikin nature, he always kept the 4K Comms mess supplied with his injected Vodka oranges and iceblocks. .RIP Brindo A true gentleman.We would all "kick in" and his wife and Don would go into Queanbeyan the day before and purchase eggs, bacon and bread etc.We always ended up in the Cross and a quick visit to the King's Cross chemists for the old medicinal wine to keep us going into the early hours of the morning.Don played a key role in the restoration of comms in the aftermath.Brindo crossed the bar on 17 May aged 86 (born ). .
I've often wondered over the years how he was doing.

Fm Graham Bence: I was very sorry to hear about "Brindo from Indo".Many's the time the whole mess would go off with Don. .One of the ships he served on during the second world war was, of all things, hmas Ping Wo - fair dinkum.The President of the mess responded to this message by saying ahh Brindo, but we know how to defeat you, we will play cleopatra slots book of ra send our women first!I remember well the day we laced up Bob Simpson on his birthday.He leapt to his feet to attend to his master's request, dislodging the ear piece from the radio and, in the process, treating the court to a full-volume description of the final leg.He got in his car and was driving home and must have taken a wrong turn and ended up at the bottom of the pit of the new house.He was invited to the Indonesian Air force Officers mess for a few farewell drinks and he proceeded to tell the Officers, in jocular terms that if they ever wanted to invade Australia he would be standing at Cape York to fight them back,.
Perplexed passers-by were often left wondering.

It was a pleasure and privilege to have you in my life.
Whether its true or not I don't know but it was a good story that provided quite a few laughs.
(They laced my dry bottle for my scotch and dry, with double whiskies, then blamed me for spiking my own drink!).