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Why Its Difficult Anyone can write a guide.Image Credit: file404 via m Explore more about: Gaming Culture, Make Money Online, Twitch.Live Streams, facebook free casino games 770 how best slot machine apps use in fire red It Works, stream your gameplay in real-time for the world to see.If you dont have any samples, you may want to consider volunteer writing for smaller sites first.As you get better, network with other professional gamers to get your name out there.Getting Started Weve written about starting your own podcast How To Start Your Own Successful Podcast How To Start Your Own Successful Podcast Podcasts can be heard by millions of people worldwide.
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You may come to regret.Getting Started Find a popular game, figure out what players are having trouble with, learn the ins and outs of that problem, then teach others how to overcome it themselves.You can create your own journalism site (which can be monetized with ads or Patreon subscriptions) or work for an established site on a paid-per-article basis.Share with us in a comment below!If youre good enough to join an esports organization The Newbie's Guide to Getting Into Esports The Newbie's Guide to Getting Into Esports Competitive gaming is getting serious!Getting Started Look for open positions on intermediate-sized gaming sites.Have you tried any of the above?

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