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What color are your wifes eyes?
6.10 TOW The Routine - What songs were used in this episode?After the ceremony finished, during the last few shots while Chandler new ct casino and Monica discussed "the baby it seems to be an instrumental of Everlong, by The Foo Fighters.Return to Questions That was "Goodbye Baby sung by Stevie Nicks, off the Fleetwood Mac CD, "Say You Will." Return to Questions Clip Show - The One Before The Last One - Tell me all the music that was used!There was no music played at that point.Part 1 During the "Previously, on Friends" opening, when the previous episode's horseshoe casino shreveport la jobs kiss between Ross and Rachel was shown, there was some nice instrumental music, guitar and piano.
What percentage of the house work would your spouse say they do?

Who does the planning for a vacation?About the Theme Song and the Soundtrack Albums.The guitar music at the end of the show, when everyone left Monica's apartment to get coffee, was "Embryonic Journey" by Jefferson Airplane.Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden." For Ross and Rachel: - Finished off the "Secret Garden" clip.Return to Questions.01 TOW Ross's New Girlfriend - What music played when Ross and Rachel were talking on the balcony?Time in New England, took me away Long rocky beaches and you by the bay We started a story whose end must now wait chorus I feel the change comin I feel the wind blow I feel brave and daring!, I feel my blood flow.Return to Questions.07 TOW Ross Finds Out - What music is playing when Ross and Rachel kiss in the coffee house?Would you rather Be able to talk your way out of any situation, or punch your way out of any situation?The song while Fat Monica danced during the end credits (while still at the 1987 college party) was "Disco Inferno by The Trammps.
4.16 TOW the Fake Party - What songs did they play at the party?
5.20 TOW the Ride Along - What music playing as Joey shielded Ross from the "gunshot"?

But in syndication, this duck scene was used.
3.06 TOW The Flashback - What song started playing when Rachel hit the jukebox in her fantasy about Chandler?