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In less than a year, Echo has become the lotto results draw 3789 best selling device on Amazon over 100, and Amazon doesnt miss a beat, making Echo-compatible light bulbs, thermostats and electrical outlets recommended items when you select Echo.
He would have got away with that, as he clearly realised he had bumped over the pole as he stopped.
Sun 27th day, there was a sudden lurch in the time/space continuum and the world changed forever.
But losing your own golfing gear without the intervention of the toerags is quite an achievement!Except he came to an abrupt stop as the golf bag, across his back in the rucksack style, jammed in the door the classic style of Tom and Jerry cartoons, that wasn't going to stop him so as he had been sprung slightly backwards from.Dear Mrs Francis Not for the first time, I have received a Final Demand threatening me with unleasing the dogs of hell upon me for failing to pay your invoice.Whilst I understand the principle that David Leadbetter is a damns sight better coach than he is a player, otherwise he would be out on the tour himself.As always, a full handicap stableford is played in the normal manner.Any normal bloke would have stepped out of it, kicked it off into the corner, scrunched and dirty, having performed its task and never to be used.So yesterday, when their golfing buddy Paul Godfrey turns up in his new car, the sarcasm, humour, cutting remarks and general p*ss taking reached a level not seen in e "own goal an exocet missile strike from 5 yards outside of the box, screaming into.
71 year old Jim, who is completely blind, decided to take up golf about 16 years ago, roughly the same time that Joe joined Chalgrave.
Phil reminded me of a picture that used to adorn the website, of him, on some far distant Captains Day in the past, teeing off on the 10th hole in only his grundies.

Anne is walking purposefully toward the right of the 9th fairway.For the scratch team!Finally it once again has a coin op system that accepts a variety of coins, between 5p and.The shopping wars come following Tesco's recent and historically huge losses, with Sainsbury's and Asda both suffering declining sales too thanks to Aldi and Lidl both doubling their market share."well I can't get there in time, I'm in Houghton Regis." "Well thats good going" I said!We had a break in last night, minor irritation levels in that they snapped the chain on the gate, forced a window and nicked the change out of the coffee machine which amounted to about t in reviewing the cctv for the Police today, these.Except the joke is on Dan, as the "Altzheimers 50" is next week!I can't quite frankly, think of any other reason why they might otherwise need to shut it!
The only tee shot I hit that I saw land was on the 10th!
News from the Tuesday Seniors.

I'm not surprised as it is a storming piece of kit, great value and superb customer support.
He announced it in the clubhouse afterwards." Do I get anything for it?" to which I responded." hopefully a round of drinks for everyone." which I don't think was the anticipated response.
There are now over 100 buttons for different items available, and in March 2016, Amazon announced a broadening of categories to include snacks, beverages, batteries, and more office products, including brands such as Charmin, Doritos, Energizer, Red Bull, Starbucks, Trojan, and Vitamin Water.