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Citation needed The clutch head was designed to be driven with a flat-blade screwdriver as well as a clutch driver.Customer Rating:.0 stars (based on 6 reviews).It is used on fast food promotional toys and video games, die-cast toys, and some Roomba battery packs.Combined slotted/pozidriv heads are so ubiquitous in electrical switchgear to have earned the nickname "electrician's screws" (the first screwdriver out of the toolbox is used, and the user does not have to waste valuable time searching for the correct driver).Patent 2,474,994 US 2474994, Tomalis, Joseph American Screw Company, "Screw Socket published December 30, 1942, issued July 5, 1949 "US Patent #2,474,994 Claims, Page 7".52 In addition to breakaway bolts, breakaway nuts of similar design are available.Citation needed Dzus edit Main article: Dzus fastener Dzus (pronounced "Zeus 6 screws are similar to Hi-Torque screws, and are typically used in the aviation industry to secure inspection panels and other access doors that need to be opened and closed frequently, but are too.

Instead, a special removal tool (a one-way screw extractor ) must be used.51 Breakaway head edit The breakaway head (also called breakoff or shear fastener) 52 is a high-security fastener whose head breaks off during installation, during or immediately after the driving process, to leave only a smooth surface.Variants with a pin in the center are often found in game systems, to discourage improvised attempts to use a slotted screwdriver to drive the fastener.A version with left-hand threads is called an Opsit fun poker card games screw, where unscrewing can be done by turning the screwdriver clockwise, which is the opposite of tri-wing and regular screws.JIS B 1012 edit JIS cruciform driver sizes 1 Driver size Machine Screw Size #000 #00 #0 #1 M2,.2,.5 #2 M3,.5, M4,.5, M5 #3 M6, M8 The JIS B 1012 is commonly found in Japanese equipment.12-spline flange edit The 12-spline flange screw drive has twelve splines in the fastener and tool.The Phillips screw design was developed as a direct solution to a number of problems with slotted screws: too-easy cam out ; precise alignment required to avoid slippage and damage to driver, fastener, and adjacent surfaces; and difficulty of driving with powered tools.
The hex drive is better than square drive for locations where surrounding obstacles limit wrenching access, because smaller wrench-swing arcs can still successfully rotate the fastener.

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