what is a slot drill

Well that was the lotto 6 49 ontario encore problem; the torque was causing the rear wheels to spin and I was loosing time particularly coming out of the turns.
A wider track car usually equals better cornering.You can maintain control on can drive motors by grasping the shaft as soon as it clears the case bearing and by then slowly guiding the armature / endbell assemblies into place.Various methods can be employed to repair these items but the methods I've found that works best is as follows.Since brush replacement isn't usually considered an option with these motors the best thing to do is retire them or use them on less demanding cars.There are some interesting possibilities in using this principle for magnet traction.Euro cars are notorious for having sloppy guides.If it's the same track then no problem; however, if it isn't you should try to magnet tune at the same or as close to the same race track power as you can.You can get much fancier if you want and make motor attach braces and the like but for the range of power we're talking, this is really not necessary.
If there are small grooves or ridges on the commutator that might be detrimental to motor performance, you may be able to polish it slightly using auto rubbing compound and soft cloth.

If you've got stock controllers and hop up motors you can over heat the controller wiring.Usually proper spacing can be set by manipulating the interference fit spacer to reduce or increase the amount of play.There are several ways to improve the situation.Tire compounds become much more important when running with weight only, so more attention should be given to this tuning area.If you intend to run multiple cars on one supply it is better to use a regulated unit of adequate output so that each car will get the voltage it requires.Be careful not to put too much because you don't want any on the rear of the hub.Get some small bolt-on terminals at an electronic shop along with short 2-56 machine screws.This can be done using weight at or below the axle line and by lowering the body mass.Just like gear noise, body noise is something that seems to plague some cars.Well, this is uncommon in most cases but there are a couple of things to look at if you have a problem like this.The thicker the side wall of the tire the more it compresses when weight or magnet downforce is added.
Recheck step 5b/c and.
Apparently these sets are very cheap in the.S.